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Mechanical or non Programmable thermostats, as they are sometimes referred to, are either manually adjusted or feature up and down buttons.


As the name implies, these thermostats can be programmed for when you leave to work, return home, retire for the night and wake up. They can save you money by setting the temperature for you. These thermostats also typically have an auto feature between heat and cool allowing you to live in an environment you're comfortable with.

You do not have to come home to a warm house before bringing the temperature down manually. It can be programmed to start cooling once you leave work so once you're home, the house has reached a comfortable climate.



Smart thermostats are the next step in the line up and do everything your programmable thermostat can and more. These thermostats can be controlled by your smart phone, tablet, laptop and your desk top, as long as you have a wifi connection in your home.

Reminders can also be set, including when its time to change the filter or change your UV germicidal lights. Alerts and reminder's can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Whatever your needs may be, before purchasing one of these thermostats you want to make sure that it will operate with your current HVAC system. If you are not sure if they will work, give us a call at 210-840-6630.

Frosty Joes has NATE certified technicians in your area ready to help.

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