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Heating Repair

Heating here in San Antonio fortunately is not brutal the way it is up North. December-February is when we see our climate typically cool down. In our city, we have three types of heaters typically one being a gas furnace which is a complex system made with many moving parts, safety controls, and circuit boards. This type of heater needs to be checked in the fall to ensure safe operation.


Second, we have electric-only systems that work off of heating coils found on the inside of your air handler much the way your electric stove works in your kitchen. Operating heat in this manner is very expensive due to the amount of power required to operate these units.


Third, we have heat pumps that generally are installed with an auxiliary heat system like the one mentioned above as a backup source in the event the heat pump fails or if the temperature drops below 32 deg. Basically, the heat pump and air condition are one unit outside and rely on a reversing valve to allow the flow of refrigerant in the opposite direction, this reverse cycle assisted with other components allow the indoor coil to heat opposite of the way it helps us stay cool in the summer and in the event of a breakdown or the unit enters it's defrost mode, the auxiliary heat is brought on so the home stays warm and keeps up. All of these units are made with many complex parts working together.

If your furnace, electric unit, or heat pump system is in need of repair call us at Frosty Joes, your one-stop shop for all of your cooling and heating needs, and remember you never pay a service charge with repairs!

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